Javier Andres Velasco
Whatever happen to the people’s money and food,
There’s too many, dying and that is no good .
As part of the world, we have to do some collaboration
And the most important, to help every nation.

Gerardo Gomez
Children’s suffer by hunger we create
We are reducing all human rate
there are people that have almost never ate
Let’s change the poor people’s dire fate.

Daniella Guevara
Poverty is a very important cause
And needs to be ended now in a clause
People from all over the world
They all have to hear our words

We hear voices in our head
Because people need some bread
So lets start our mission
And no matter what condition


I learn a bit more about cameras and garage band, also I enjoy
of the scenes I did . It was great to enjoy time with my peers
and classmates. I got to know more a about team work, in the other hand
things that I did not enjoy was the props we use because it would had been better
if we had brought our own props. overall it was great to learn about technology.

I really likes this project because we had fun doing music and acting to feel
like in the other peoples shoes,to see the terrible problems they face so we try to solve them.
Technology is very great because we can do everything in the computer with just using our