Choosing a Topic

The first step in the project is to look at some global issues and decide which one you are interested in focusing on.
Take a look at the Useful Resources Page on this wiki to get a better idea of what the issues are.

What is a Rap Song Really?

Now that you have chosen your topic you will need to think of ways in which to turn the main ideas into a rap song.

Think about rhythm, rhyme and repetition.

Rap Video

Take a look at the following video to give yourselves a better idea of what a rap song can sound like.

Example Peace Rap

Take a look at the **"We Want Peace"** rap by John "Kinderman" Taylor.

Listen to the rap and try following along with the words.
What do you notice about the rhythm and rhyme? Do parts of it repeat?

Example Gender Equality Rap

The Planning Document

You will use the research framework from this Google Doc which will be shared with you by your teacher through Drive, Classroom or Doctopus. Answer the questions in each section as you dig deeply into your research topic.

You can work together on the document at the same time, on separate computers and use chat to communicate with each other.

You should focus on these three questions and make sure you have answered them before beginning to write the rap song.
Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 7.55.02 AM.png

Question: Have you dug deeply enough into the issue?
Imagine for a moment you are focusing on air pollution and answered the question as in the example below.

What is the issue? The issue is that we are polluting the air.
You haven't dug deeply enough!

Try answering some of these questions.
  1. So what if we are polluting the air? Explain why that is a problem? What are some of the effects that this has on our world?
  2. How come this problem exists at all? What have we done to cause it?
  3. What can we do to try and address this problem and work towards a solution?

You might mention lung diseases, hair and skin diseases, the greenhouse effect and what this effect has on the world and the creatures that live here. This is where the real research comes in. In answering the questions above, you need to ensure that you have dug deeply into the issues, found out why they are issues, what problems they cause, tell us why these issues exist (what causes them?) and suggest possible solutions for them ( In ways in which we can begin dealing with these issues?).

Writing the Rap

Again think about rhythm, rhyme and repetition.
Please use this Google Document to reflect on this activity.

Rhyming Dictionary

Here is a link for a good rhyming dictionary in case you have trouble finding rhyming words.
An alternative rhyming dictionary can be found at the
Rhyme Zone.


You must have a rough version of the rap ready for music and ICT next week.
This is Homework.