1. You will find a copy of your group's rap music on the wiki.

2. Please open it on your computer, plug in your earphones and listen to it a few times over.
3. Open your Google document which contains the written lyrics and practice singing along.

You will have several options in recording your lyrics.

Option 1-Audacity
Download audacity, to your home computer for free. It is a great program for recording and editing audio, similar to GarageBand. We also have Audacity installed on our school computers. Please inform your parents first and make sure you have their permission to do so.
You will then need to export your file in wav format.
Here is a short tutorial I made on audacity a few years ago.

Option 2-Windows Sound Recorder

This program comes as part of the Windows 7 Accessories and is a nice easy option for recording your voice.

Option 3- GarageBand
If you have a Mac at home then please use it to record your voice singing the lyrics. Please export your file in mp3 format.
You can also use garageband if you have a mac or ipad, use the audio recorder if you have a Windows 7 machine or even use your cel phone to record.

Option 4-BlackBerry or other Cell Phone
You can record your voice on a Blackberry using the voice notes option. This can then be downloaded to a computer via the usb cable, (if you don't have a cable, your teacher has one at school that you may use.) or emailed to your own email account. If you are using a different type of phone, make sure you are able to download the file or email it to yourself.

Option 5-iPad or iPod 4

There are many apps you can use to record your voice on one of these devices. If you don't have GarageBand, you can use a free app like Audioboo or QuickVoice .

You will need to bring your audio file with you to next lesson.