Verse 1 :
People throwing rubbish all around the world. No one
did notice, until they barely couldn't breath.
But they kept on throwing because they didn’t care!!!
People started dying because they didn`t change this.

chorus :
The world is in chaos!!
stop,stop.stop throwing rubbish!!!
help make a change!! Yeah !

Verse 2 :
Pollution in our world effects two essential aspects of our planet:
air and water but guess what :YOU did not care
Pollution is a problem that we must repair for everyone who lives here, it just ain't fair.

chorus :
The world is in chaos!!!
stop, stop, stop throwing rubbish!!!
help make a change!!!

Verse 3 :
we can make a change reduce reuse Let's stop, contaminating are smoke in the air clean it clean it clean it . World is dying help stop throwing rubbish reuse it reduce it come on stop throwing rubbish lets ,make a change we can start by making the difference
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Reflections :

Amy Rivas
Together we can make a change but the change starts by you .

Shanti Rigada
Stop throwing rubbish

Juan Pablo
I learned the importance of reusing things that contaminate the world