Guillermo Rivas:
Some people only gain 1$ a day.
That is very stingy to pay.
We have to try to help them the best
Cause they need to gain strength and rest

Laura Carpio:
This can't keep on going
We need to keep hoping.
Lets end all this
Bits by bits.
Together we can do it
Even if you help a bit.

Ananya Ortiz:
Poverty and hunger is something we have to change.
Let’s change the world and human range
The people are suffering for all the hunger
This has to get no more longer

The world is in our hands
Lets give us another chance
To change the world
And nothing more.




LC: This was a very nice activity to do because we all worked together and each of us did our part, also because we could work well in teams and we also enjoy doing the a better world project.
GR: This was a very nice activity because we learned different things