gender equality:

Top level jobs still go to men
that is not correct hey yo my friend
to help everyone
to be friends

It is right my friend it is the only way
you need to be fair all the time all day
saying things to hurt others will just send them away.
if you want to be friends then quit it
that is what I say


Treat people equal
is just a fair thing to do
cause if you dont make a difrence who would do?

Everyone should have the same rights
its not about their generes their fats or their heights
if you help we can make a change like that
we can make an arrange


Luis:the easy part of the project was record the lyrics and made them
the hard bit was made the song and put the hole thing together in imovie

jose:the easy part was to record the lyrics because we only need to talkthe harder one was when we make
the whole song because we didn't have the same ideas :)