rap song

We need to end poverty and hunger
and help people who now are younger
we need to give to poor people some food
give food to people
that are not rude.

Help,help poor people with some food
so we can demonstrate that we're not cruel
Do not be a fool, give them help from your school
give them tools, so they can make their system of rules

this is what i will do,
i will donate and give some food ,
to make these kids all change their mood,
we have to act fast and snappy,
so they don't feel unhappy,

We want you to plant your own garden
we don’t need your pity, we don’t need your pardon
we don’t need excuses,
we don’t need abuses


This project was a bit difficult to do because we needed to work in groups and it was very difficult for us to communicate well. Also some people didn't wanted to sing because they were afraid that the others would laugh at them. we learned that teamwork is essential and that we need to help poor people when they need help.